Client Testimonies

“I love New Day they have always been there to help and support me and my FAMILY they have helped me when I was falling behind on my bills, with diapers and wipes they also helped to just sit and listen to me when I had no-one else to talk to they are great. Also what I like is that New Day doesn't have an age limit to help with kids and for our kids. With other centers once our kids reach a certain age it is different and no more services for us as well. New Day does not have an age limit for kids.” –Melissa

New Day Pregnancy Center has helped me and my family tremendously. The resources provided have helped us to afford some of our other needs monthly for example they have helped us with a huge amount of diapers since our children were infants. They have provided many baby items such as clothing and equipment as well as gear for the winter. They've also allowed us to go through their adopt-a-family program when we can afford gifts for children. Not only do they help our needs for our children but also they've helped myself when I've needed to fax papers on a consistent basis as well as utilize their printer for important documents. New Day Pregnancy Center is all around a wonderful place for someone who needs support in all areas to become the best parent possible for their children. Thank you New Day for all that you've ever done for me and my family. –J. L. Williams

I met with a counselor every other week starting from the time I was about three months pregnant. It was helpful to have someone I could talk candidly to regarding what I was going through. My counselor shared in the excitement as I had my first ultrasound and when I felt baby kick for the first time. She empathized with my concerns and provided valuable information to help me through my pregnancy and to help me become the best mom possible. Additionally the center offered material items such as diapers, wipes, and clothing which helped me prepare for baby’s actual arrival.